Sirpa Kivilaakso


PhD Sirpa Kivilaakso

Researcher of Children´s literature



Airborne, Tales from a thousand and one flights
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This book is a collection of humorous as well as serious true stories written by customer service professionals of the sky. You can now participate in the adventures of Finnair cabin crew, as their stories of unusual and funny occurrences on flights, at destinations around the world, and at home. Consists poems from PhD Sirpa Kivilaakso, flight-purser.

The Bosom of the Enchanted Wood, The Fairy Tale Symbolism of Anni Swan 1896–1923
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Children’s and young adult author Anni Swan (1875–1958) is a significant forerunner and developer of the Finnish literary fairy tale. Her work covers around thirty novels and collections of stories for young adults.

Anni Swan – the Queen of Storytelling
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Anni Swan (1875–1958) was a writer, translator and editor of children’s magazines. Her symbolic tales utilise her highly original language of sensory imagery. This book, based on Sirpa Kivilaakso’s doctoral thesis on Swan’s fairy-tale symbolism, presents a biography of the author, with supporting extracts from her books, diary entries and letters.

Airy Tales: Stories from above the clouds and beyond the skies
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Airy Tales is a collection of stories written by Finnair personnel and passengers for children and their families. The stories take you on great adventures to exciting, faraway places, where you can make new friends and learn the value of difference. The child traveller´s voice can be heard throughout the book in humorous observations and comments.