Airborne, Tales from a thousand and one flights

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Airborne, Tales from a thousand and one flightsEditors: Riitta Kiiveri, Tony Pokkinen, Noora Kunttu, Pirkko Saari, Christina Strandberg, Meriitta Ahtikari, Kati Kaivanto, Lene Malmström

Publisher: Atar Kustannus Oy, Helsinki 2012

This book is a collection of humorous as well as serious true stories written by customer service professionals of the sky. You can now participate in the adventures of Finnair cabin crew, as their stories of unusual and funny occurrences on flights, at destinations around the world, and at home.


Consists poems from PhD Sirpa Kivilaakso, flight-purser


Ode to blue-and-white Stewardesses

What are little stewardesses made of?

Hazy dreams,
the flight of fairies,
songs of strange winds
calling from afar
to see and experience it all.

What are stewardesses´ dreams made of?

Champagne and kisses,
Sleeping Beauty´s fantasies,
Cinderella´s hopes and dreams,
handsome princes of fancy castles,
fairyshoes of silk,
ballrooms and endless dances.

What are older stewardesses made of?

The sumptuous scent of fire roses,
shimmering pearls,
quiet waves of the wide ocean,
the majestic flight of white swans,
vintages of memories of flights gone by.

The fight attendant´s work day

- Good morning, how are you?
- Through the galley
and to your right, please!

The leisure flight from the Canaries
bringing Tom, Dick and Harry
and a red-faced Lisa
back into the cold.
- Through the galley
and to your right, please!

Meatballs for lunch
Oh, how wonderful!
And finnish coffee!

- Where are we now?
- How long did you get to stay?
- Make mine a double!
- Are you always on this same route?

How wonderful.

Leaving home

Grab your trolley bag and smiling lips,
fill your pockets with euros and dollars,
lip gloss and high heels
- a trip somewhere
and endless friendliness.

Run from the changing room
and into the briefing room,
remember your CIS brief
  and equipment checklists,
change float and special meals,
finally the security control
  and line for the crew bus,
hurry up the stairs and
- Welcome!

Counting heads
again and again
- Are you ready?
- Where can I put these?
- Check the seatbelts!

Are you ready -
Finally gathering speed
- Take your positions!

Iron Bird

The heavy iron bird flew
with sleeping chicks inside her belly.
She flew east, she flew west
engines roaring as she journeyed
through the night.

The heavy iron bird flew
drawing a white line in the sky
searched for a place,
then another, yet a third
to let the young ones out of the nest.

The heavy iron bird flew,
grew wings from her body
then bounced on her belly,
seeped out the seeds,
chucked out the chicks.

Up flew the heavy iron bird
curving and turning as she climbed,
with new nestlings inside
on her usual path,
her restless rambles.

The Irises of Amsterdam

In the haze of a November evening
a long, long time ago
Vincent sprinkled
a stubble field
spiraling stars
- and irises
on canvas.

Nobody understood.

Only much, much later
did the irises fly
to the country of cherry blossoms
to become stars.

Twilight on Montmartre

I step on to
twilight at Montmartre.

On my way
The Pompidou opened its tube:
  sucked in a fire-eater
  I an oyster
  on top of a red-and-white
  checkered cloth
and in that moment felt
the thunder of the ocean
  and sharpness of the blue.